Ronpet: Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar

The web app version of the Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar is now live! This website is a living implementation of the calendar presented in Tamara Siuda’s “The Ancient Egyptian Daybook”. It combines the ancient civil and lunar calendars into a fluid year calendar and easily enables conversion between our modern day Gregorian calendar and the ancient equivalent. This calendar is by default calibrated to the Kemetic Orthodox standard, but can be calibrated to any desired Wep Ronpet date. You may register an account on the site to sync your settings across browsers and devices. This app works well on mobile, tablets, and desktops!

A selection of the most significant holidays throughout the year are available for free. Access to the complete database of 941 Civil festivals, 121 Lunar festivals, and 237 notes can be purchased for $9.99.

You can find the festival calendar here: